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Meet Dr. Phil at the Habitude Program (VR)

The Habitude Addiction Program, with our cutting-edge programming, is now introducing a new therapy approach to helping individuals with substance use disorders. With our Bio-Psycho-Social-Spiritual model it so important to stay on top of the technical advances within the addiction field. With having said this, we have collaborated with the world’s most famous TV celebrated Addiction Psychologist, Dr. Phil. Our partnership will bring our clients a revolutionary Virtual Reality Immersion Therapy program called, Dr. Phil’s Path to Recovery.

Dr. Phil VR Therapy

Have you ever asked yourself why individuals fail at recovery several times… until they finally get it right?The answer is simple: “He who fails to plan, is planning to fail” – Winston Churchill

The Habitude™ Addiction Treatment Program offers a Supportive Transitional Alternative to Recovery

The Habitude™ Addiction Treatment Program offers a uniquely different approach to drug and alcohol detoxification and rehabilitation. Our holistic substance abuse program for men provides an effective support for those struggling with alcohol and drug abuse, prescription drug addiction and alcoholism, helping individuals build an effective addiction recovery plan utilizing a Bio-Psycho-Social supports.

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Habitude™ Creates Healthy Habits and a Positive Attitude … one step at a time!

Healing the mind, body and spirit

Habitude’s drug and alcohol treatment program supports a common-sense approach to withdrawing from substance abuse. A combination of traditional and holistic practices allows us to deal with the early stages of addiction recovery and create a life recovery plan that will be effective and supportive of your goals:

  • Medical and naturopathic supervision to help you overcome the physical cravings and unmanageable physical effects of acute and post-acute withdrawals
  • Supporting post-acute withdrawals with appropriate medication and holistic vitamin therapy
  • Reduce symptoms of drug and alcohol abuse withdrawal through daily acupuncture, meditation and other appropriate holistic healing techniques
  • Understand and resolve issues underlying your addiction to drugs and/or alcohol through solutions based on one-on-one as well as group counseling
  • Enhance your overall health and sense of well-being with a healthy diet that’s rich in fruits and vegetables, along with a daily structured fitness regime
  • Create mental clarity that allows you to make better decisions
  • Utilize professional feedback and more accurate assessments of what your next substance abuse recovery step should be
  • Rebuild your life and relationships with support of a team that understands healthy living
  • Establish a strategic, effective recovery plan that allows you to truly benefit from the resources available to you in recovery from alcohol and drug abuse

Call today 1-877-523-8369 or 905-523-8369 and speak to a caring, qualified person who can help you make an informed decision on how to get addiction treatment help for yourself or a loved one. We will take the time to listen and support you in your time of distress from substance abuse.

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Integrated Services


Habitude™ has a unique team of therapists and counselors combined with innovative products and services, all which are proven in providing the highest quality of care

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Most individuals have experienced Traditional Medical Practices, and many have seen a Medical Doctor. Many people are seeking Natural Remedies as well as Modern Medical Practices. This is Integrative Medical Service

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This workshop will allow family and friends to confidently engage with their loved ones who they suspect or know are actively using substances, in a healthy and respectful manner creating positive interpersonal boundaries

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Daily saunas, combined with hydration and therapeutic use of vitamins, to help rid the body of toxins and metabolites that act as a ‘memory' of the addiction. It is important to draw these toxins out so they can be released from the body to prevent new physical craving

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Drug rehabilitation Testimonials

I was Addicted to substances for 37 years, suffered depression and anxiety and today….I say the miracles just keep coming, well keep it coming! My counsellor Anna says that I can do anything! It feels like FREEDOM! Thank you to the Turning Point Habitude Program & especially Bill and Anna, for believing in me, when I didn’t believe in myself. On June 11th, 2012 I celebrated 13 months Happy and Healthy, working again and feeling fantastic!!!

48 year old- Business Man and Father

Montreal, Canada
Drug rehabilitation Testimonials

Fantastic news!! XXXX graduation date is may 8th. He passed his full grade 12 with amazing marks. ( something he thought he would never do) So proud of his determination to change his life! He Loves his new job in XXXX! Proud Proud Momma! Tammy I can’t ever begin to thank u for what u did for him! He is the son I dreamed of having and I always knew was there. I am over the moon with pride! Thank you a million times!

Loving Mom

Drug rehabilitation Testimonials

When I first walked through the door at Turning Point, the joke was I shuffled in. I say joke but it was more like reality. The condition I was in was less then par to say the least. With each passing day it progressively got closer to a manageable state. Mentally, physically, and overall quality of life increased with each morning shake, each group meeting and each sober day.

High School Teacher

Toronto, Ontario