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Dr. Phil VR Immersion Therapy

What is Dr. Phil's Path to Recovery?

Virtual Reality Immersion Therapy, uses Virtual Reality (VR) technology that has two components to the program. First, you’ll have a virtual “sit-down” with Dr. Phil, during which you will learn the keys to identifying and achieving the kind of life you really want. You’ll leave these sessions feeling as though you just had an eye-opening and insightful conversation about your life with Dr. Phil. Secondly, there’s an in-depth workbook component that will help you hone in on specific aspects of your life and the way you are thinking. Then discuss your answers with your counselor which provides the maximum affect for this therapy which is where all the progress happens.

Meet Dr. Phil at the Habitude Program (VR)

Dr. Phil’s Path to Recovery is a powerful new tool in the fight against addiction. It is a virtual reality (VR) program in which individuals at the Habitude Program can feel as though they’re actually face-to-face with Dr. Phil. (And, if you ask anyone who has ever been seated across from him, they’ll tell you it was quite a wake-up call!)

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